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Name:Ensign Polina 'Pasha' A. Chekov
Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:Russian Federation
about me;

Ensign P. A. Chekov


Why don't you squeeze my theorum while I poly your nominal


Birthday: 11th March 2241
Current age: Nineteen
Home: St Petersburg, Russia.
Height: 5ft
Hair: Brunette and curly.
Eyes: Light blue.
Gender: Female.

Career in Starfleet
Current post: Navigator, U.S.S. Enterprise
Current rank: Ensign.
Serial number: 656-5827B
Personality: Pasha is a very driven and focused young woman. She knows exactly what she wants and if she’s completely determined to get it, she usual does get it. She isn’t sneaky or underhand about it, but she instead uses her genius level intellect, keeping her head down and working hard. She does this because a lot of pressure is on her as the Enterprise’s ‘Whiz-kid’ to constantly perform at a high level expected by both her superior officers and herself. There is also a lot of pressure on by other people’s thoughts of her, being of a young age Pasha feels she has to repeatedly prove herself to her fellow officers, that she rightly deserves the position of Alpha Navigator which she is justly proud of.

Obviously having been rushed through her schooling at such a young age has had a knock on effect on Pasha’s social skills and sometimes she finds it difficult to connect or empathise with other people of her own age, preferring the company of people older then her who she regards as her intellectual equals. This isn’t out of malice or spite, she just genuinely doesn’t understand people of her own age. While in some respects Pasha is more mature then some of her peers but maturing so quickly has it’s downfalls and has left her left her a bit naïve to the world, although saying that she’s quickly learning and becoming more worldly due to her assignment on the Enterprise.

A thing that should be noted is she copes poorly with change, she’s very controlling about her own life and hates any kind of change that will disrupt that. She has a prefect routine set out and the slightest disturbance completely knocks her off her axis and ruffles her feathers.
As a defence mechanism, she can come off as a little cool and unfriendly to people she has just met but this is mainly her retreating back into her shell so she can observe, learn and analyze the person and generally try to figure them out. If a person can draw her out of her shell and gain her friendship, or at least drag her away from her books for long enough, they will have gained a puppy like loyalty for life.

In some respects Pasha can be her own worst enemy. She is very sensitive to criticism from anybody and particularly herself, she tends to be very strict and harsh with herself, expecting only the best from herself. In her work she is an utter perfectionist and anything less is counted as a failure to her. This is due to her upbringing, a strict mother and seven older brothers who were all brilliant in their own respect to outshine and out do as well as a father who martyred himself in the dangerous business of being a Starfleet officer.

Over all Pasha is a generally optimistic girl, hoping to find the best in each person she meets

Sexual Preferences/Orientation: Pasha comes from the twenty third century, as one could probably imagine the attitude towards sexuality is pretty liberal. She is bisexual (Rating an even five on the Kinsey scale) and tends to keep her preferences towards humans, although she has been known to make exceptions for a certain green Orion woman. She tends to prefer humans as she is just starting to explore her sexuality and while she is extremely curious by nature she isn’t quite ready to step out of that safe zone just yet. If in a relationship she would be completely monogamous and committed to the person she was with unless there were extremely extenuating circumstances.

Powers: Genius level intellect and computer hacking skills if applicable.

OOC: Both muse & mun are 18+. Pasha is played 2 years on from the events of the 2009 ST movie.]
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